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    First, the incentive principle

    1.the principle of fairness.
    Motivate employees to all employees, not individual employees, issues related to the vital interests of employees, the company will be treated equally.

    2.value principle itself. 
    Employees work and not just in order to obtain material benefits, the company will provide to realize their own value, create social wealth stage.

    3.the principle of reward and punishment combined. 
    Award function fine, Jiangyoufalie Jiangqinfalan so advanced to be rewarded by the spur backward, really mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, everyone rushed out the formation of the competitive situation.

    Second, the incentives

    1.material incentives 
    The company in line with the principle of distribution according to work and equal pay for equal work "to gang salary Gang variable salary change, and at the same time reflect the job is important and market supply and demand conditions; staff salaries and performance-related, and with the results of the exam varies.

    2.inspired by the spirit 
    For employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company to be granted to the top ten employees, quality model, the honorary title of advanced individual reports its advanced deeds call for employees to learn.

    3.the value of the incentive 
    Company Shegang the scientific, reasonable arrangements for appropriate staffing arrangements in the right positions, clear responsibilities, entrusted with the task to promote its development.